Photo of police headquartersWhat is Community Watch? 
Community Watch is a crime prevention program that enlists resident participation to reduce crime. It involves residents using crime prevention practices to protect themselves and their property; neighbors getting together to help each other in crime prevention; and residents being trained to recognize and report suspicious activity. 

A Community Watch is not a vigilante group, residents pursuing criminal or becoming physically involved, or residents acting as agents for the police department 

Why start a Community Watch? 
 By cooperating with each other and the police you can help reduce crime by preventing it.  Residents may come together for a number of reasons: to get something done about immediate problem;  set and achieve safety goals; get resources; improve community life. 

Can SPD help watch my house while I am gone?
Our Vacation Property Watch Program is conducted by volunteers under the direction of the Sedona Police Department. The volunteers conduct periodic checks of your property for a minimum watch period of five days and maximum 30 days within a six-month period. Fill out a Vacation Watch Request here