Projects and Proposals


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Project update summary

Community Plan amendment proposals 

Multifamily High Density Plan Amendment Proposal, PZ17-00008 (Major CPA)

Pinon/89A Multifamily Plan Amendment Proposal, PZ17-00009, (Major CPA, ZC, DEV, DA)

Sedona Hard Cider Plan Amendment Proposal, PZ17-00007 (Major CPA, ZC)

Son Silver West Plan Amendment Proposal, PZ17-00010 (Major CPA, ZC)

Development proposals

The following are project proposals submitted by an applicant.

140 Navajo Drive Zoning, PZ17-00011 (ZC)

Andante Inn Façade Remodel Time Extension, PZ17-00013 (TE) 

Arizona Water Company Tank, PZ17-00001 (CUP, DEV)

CVS Development Agreement Amendment, PZ17-00014 (DA Amend) 

Foothills South Unit 5, PZ17-00016 (SUB)

Jordan Condominiums, PZ17-00017 (DEV)

Marriott Residence Inn, PZ16-00009 (ZC, DEV, CUP)

Momo's Korean Food Truck, PZ17-00002 (CUP)

Oak Creek Small Animal Clinic, PZ17-00019 (DEV, CUP)

Sedona Charter School Amendment, PZ17-00015 (CUP)

Verizon Wireless Tower at United Methodist Church, PZ16-00014 (CUP) 

The Village at Saddlerock Crossing (Oxford Hotel), PZ16-00013 (ZC, DEV)

Thunder Mountain Ranch 2 Minor Amendment, PZ17-00018 (SUB)

Whole Foods Market, PZ17-00012 (CUP)

City initiated projects

The following are city initiated projects.

AAA Industrial Park CFA planning

Land Development Code update

Ranger Station park planning

Sign Code update

Wireless Master Plan and Amendments to Wireless Ordinance (LDC Article 17)

How to submit comments: go to one of the project pages listed above for the link to a project comment form, or simply complete the Community Development Comment Form.

Project application
Includes instructions, checklist and fillable PDF form.

Notes: CFA = Community Focus Area, CPA = Community Plan Amendment, CUP = Conditional Use Permit,
DEV = Development review application, LDC = Land Development Code, VAR = Variance, ZC = Zone Change.