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GO Sedona! Bicycle/Pedestrian Planning Underway

This community planning process will look at how to make Sedona more walkable and bikeable. Everyone's participation is encouraged, and we would like to know: 1) Where are you currently walking and biking, and 2) where do you wish you could walk or bike and why. This process will result in a master plan for the city that addresses sidewalks, pathways, trails, and trail access. See the GO Sedona! webpage to learn more, submit comments, and sign up to be notified of future workshops and surveys.

Community Development Fee Schedule Proposed Amendments

The City of Sedona Development Fee Schedule will be revised, effective October 1, 2019. City Council approved the revised fee schedule on August 13th. View the Proposed Amendments to the Community Development Fee Schedule. Contact Warren Campbell for more information: 928-203-5044, or wcampbell@sedonaaz.gov.

Building Code Updates

The City of Sedona is in the process of updating our building codes to the 2018 versions of the International Code Council's building codes (the I-Codes) and the 2017 National Electrical Code (NEC) in an effort to be more current and more in tune with new construction practices, systems and products as well as addressing the latest safety, environmental and energy concerns. The proposed codes will not only make our buildings even safer, but will make them more energy efficient and will provide opportunities for green and sustainable systems. The new codes will also put us in line with the surrounding communities and Counties, most of whom have adopted, or have stated intentions to adopt, the same versions of the I-Codes and the NEC. Go to the Building Code Updates webpage to review and comment on the proposed amendments.

Development Impact Fee Studies

The City of Sedona has contracted with TischlerBise Inc to update its current development impact fees, which also requires the preparation of a land use assumptions document (LUA) and an Infrastructure Improvements Plan (IIP).  Development Impact Fees (DIF) are one-time charges applied to new development in order that new growth will pay its fair share of infrastructure improvements needed to provide municipal services, and to ensure that existing residents are not unduly burdened to pay for improvements and services needed to accommodate new development. The City of Sedona first adopted DIFs on May 18, 1998.

Development impact fees are being considered for the categories of Parks and Recreation Facilities, Police Facilities, and Street Facilities.  The methodology for calculating the draft fees is articulated in the IIP.  The draft fees are subject to further reductions by the City Council as they move through the various public input opportunities and public hearings included in the adoption process.  The new fees will take effect September 9, 2019. Please contact Karen Osburn, Assistant City Manager/Community Development Director at kosburn@sedonaaz.gov for questions or comments.