How does the city operate?
The city operates on a council-manager form of government. The mayor and six council members are elected at large, and establish the policies for the city.

Once policies are set by the council, the city manager and his staff implement these policies. The city manager is hired by the mayor and council, and is responsible for hiring all of the city department directors, except for the city attorney and magistrate judge who are hired by city council.

What are the duties of the mayor and city council?

Enact ordinances, set policies, and develop an annual legislative agenda for the city.

Oversee the city budget and capital improvements program.

Hold regular meetings to address issues and concerns in the community.

Respond to constituents' concerns at neighborhood and group meetings, through written correspondence, and telephone communication, and by providing staff assistance.

Serve on subcommittees to discuss specific issues such as public safety, grants, community services.

How do I contact the mayor and council?

  • You can contact all the members of the Sedona City Council by using our council contact form on the city’s website.
  • Members' individual email addresses are available on the City Council page.
  • You can send a letter by mail to: Mayor/Council member name, 102 Roadrunner Dr., Sedona, AZ 86336.
  • You can visit any city council meeting and speak during the public comments portion of the meeting. Although Arizona open meeting law prevents the council from discussing matters that are not formally agendized, you can request that the council agendize a topic of concern to you for future discussion.

When does the city council meet?
City Council holds regular meetings on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 4:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers. Work sessions and special meetings may be scheduled for the Wednesday of the month following a regular council meeting or at other times deemed necessary.

What is the council's legislative agenda?
There are some matters that are resolved at the state level, and the city council must therefore work with the Arizona State Legislature. The council's legislative agenda advocates for the city in matters.

How does an idea become an ordinance?
The steps are:
1. A council member, citizen or city staff member may propose an ordinance to address a concern or problem.
2. The proposal is considered by the council and then may be sent to city staff for further research, and possibly public discussion by interested parties and citizens at large.
3. A draft ordinance will be written by the city attorney and placed on a city council agenda. A public hearing may be scheduled as well to allow additional input.
4. City Council will vote on the ordinance, with majority approval (at least four out of the seven members) required for adoption.