Local Artists Featured at City Hall


Sedona City Hall Art Rotation     

September through December 2018


The City Hall Art Rotation program rotates three artists every three months.

 The exhibit is displayed in the Council Chambers and Vultee Conference Room.

The City Hall Art Rotation exhibits are located in the Council Chambers,

as well as the gallery in the Vultee conference room

City Campus, 102 Roadrunner Drive.

To make an appointment for best viewing time,

please call Nancy Lattanzi at 928-203-5078,

or email NLattanzi@SedonaAZ.gov.


The next Artist Reception will be

Thursday, October 18th

4:00 - 6:00 pm

in the Council Chambers & Vultee Conference Room

City Hall is located at 102 Roadrunner Drive




Featuring Guest Solo Guitarist

Erroll Foldes

Erroll Foldes Headshot

Erroll Foldes, whose namesake is the great jazz pianist Erroll Garner, was born in Queens, New York. Growing up, he was heavily influenced by the nonstop echoes of jazz through the house, thanks to his father, a hi-fi enthusiast and jazz lover.  Accordion lessons happened early for Erroll, then self –taught on saxophone as a teenager.  In the 1980’s Erroll jammed weekly with some of the finest jazz musicians to come through Long Island, at venues such as Sonny’s Place and the Steer Inn.  He credits those years with truly developing his musicianship, especially under the tutelage of jazz giants and jam session hosts Billy Mitchell and Dave Burns.  

Many years, gigs and recording sessions later, Erroll and his wife Annette, also a musician as well as music educator, moved to Sedona, both instantly developing relationships within the local music community.  As both leader and sideman, Erroll remained true to his jazz roots, playing standards and straight-ahead jazz in the bebop style pioneered in the 1940s by Charlie Parker and his contemporaries. When the Great Recession made it tough to get work for an ensemble, Erroll developed “Sax & Trax,” by which he produced his own rhythm section tracks for almost 200 standards and performed along with them live on sax and vocals. It was a success and allowed venues to enjoy the authentic sound of a jazz combo for the cost of a single musician.

Most recently Erroll has fulfilled a long-time dream by turning to the solo amplified guitar for his musical expression.  Again self-taught and in the chord-melody style, he credits the great Johnny Smith as a major influence. Erroll remains faithful to the classics, turning to the Great American Songbook for immortal standard tunes that have transcended time. These days Erroll prefers the guitar over the saxophone for many reasons, “The guitar is like an orchestra.  Obviously with the sax, you can only play melodically, which is limiting and needs accompaniment.  On guitar you can create arrangements, voicing the chords the way your ear dictates, with the melody on top, which creates a fuller and more satisfying solo performance experience."


Sedona Camera Club


The Sedona Camera Club currently has 64 images created by 23 of its members on display at City Hall.  This captivating exhibit will run through the end of December. Please save the date to meet and greet the participating photographers at City Hall's reception on Thursday October 18th from 4-6pm in the Council Chambers.

Exhibition images feature a wide variety of subject matter from: abstract compositions, wildlife, architecture, street photography, nightscapes and portraits of people and pets, to magnificent landscapes of Sedona. The images were created by using a wide range of photographic equipment. Inspiration for these images is also diverse and portrays work taken from backyards to global travel experiences.

The skills of the members in the Sedona Camera Club range from beginner to advanced.  Most pursue photography as a leisure activity, although some are professional or retired photographers. The age range of members are from 30+ to 80+ years old.

The mission of Sedona Camera Club is to encourage and educate its members and the general public in Sedona, the Verde Valley and beyond about the art of photography. The Club strives to achieve this mission through monthly meetings, monthly competitions, a mentoring program, as well as outreach with other community organizations and organizing photography trips.

Camera Club Exhibit Chair Mary Ratner explains, “This exhibit is a wonderful opportunity for our members to experience an exhibition and get publicity in the local community.”

Nancy Lattanzi, Arts and Culture Coordinator elaborates, “This is the first all photography exhibit we have displayed at the City. Usually the exhibit is shared with two artists for a four month period. When I saw the number of submissions offered, it felt natural to have this be a solo exhibit for the Sedona Camera Club. I hope the public will take time to come view and enjoy the wide range of engaging images, created by this talented group of photographers.”

The City Hall Art Rotation exhibits are located in the Council Chambers, as well as the gallery in the Vultee conference room on City Campus, 102 Roadrunner Drive. To make an appointment for best viewing time, please call Nancy Lattanzi at 928-203-5078 or email NLattanzi@SedonaAZ.gov.


 Enjoy a preview of a few of the many beautiful photographs on exhibit!


Two Cheetah by Mary Ratner

Two Cheetah, Mary Ratner


Milky Way Cathedral Rock by AJ Cook

 Milky Way Cathedral Rock, AJ Cook


Natures Cathedral by Grazina Wade

Nature's Cathedral, Grazina Wade


The Mothership by Glen Tamblingson

The Mothership, Glen Tamblingson


Channeling Leonardo by John Gafford

Channeling Leonardo, John Gafford


Mocha by Melissa Ponitkes

Mocha, Melissa Ponitkes