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Our namesake: Sedona Miller Schnebly

Sedona and TC SchneblyBy the turn of the century about 15 homesteading families called the area home. In 1899 Theodore Carlton, known as Carl or TC, Schnebly and his wife Sedona Miller Schnebly joined TC's brother Ellsworth in the Oak Creek area.

TC Schnebly was an enterprising young man. He had 80 acres with a general store and hotel, which was also his house, located where Tlaquepaque and the Los Abrigados resort are now. Schnebly saw the need for regular mail service in the little community and organized its first post office. He suggested as community names Oak Creek Crossing and Schnebly Station to the postmaster general in Washington, D.C.

The postmaster general considered these names too long and both were rejected. Ellsworth Schnebly then suggested that T.C. submit the name of his wife, Sedona. On June 26, 1902, the postmaster general approved the name Sedona for the community.

Sedona history

Download the History of Sedona PDF. Ten pages, color, 8.5x11.

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